Thursday, November 10, 2016

Alright.....we get it, everyone is ANGRY

"Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people." - Abraham Lincoln

Can we all stop being hypocrites for a minute? Our country just took part in the dirtiest, nastiest, most scandalous election in my entire voting history. As I watched poll after poll close and numbers start coming in, I sat in shock ~ I'm not going to lie, I was in total disbelief. And I was one of the majority of voters who honestly did not support either candidate. But, I needed a full 24 hours to process what had happened, and I was mad. Mad that in a country that I am desperately trying to raise my children to NOT be assholes.....they just watched the Nation ignore disgusting behavior and go ahead and throw their vote in with one of the worst.
Before everyone freaks out....I get it, I honestly do. The exit polls said 70% of the people who voted for Trump do not even like him. I understand, everyone is mad at the current state of the government (so they say), I truly understand. I also live in a total RED state, where people claim to not know anyone who voted for our Governor,they claim to not like him or his policies. But again when given the choice to vote for change, overwhelmingly did not.
But.......ok, now it's over. We voted, he's over. During this whole process the hypocrisy and hate from both sides has driven me ABSOLUTELY insane. I want to tell you why....... We are absolutely allowed to have our own opinions. It is probably no giant surprise that I am a Democrat, I have never voted straight ticket though. I have my priorities as a woman, mother and citizen of this great country, but so do you. When I step into a "booth" to vote, I absolutely every time vote for the issues that are of utmost importance to me, and I honestly hope that is what you all do!  That is why we love America, it is part of what makes our country GREAT (cause seriously, it's always been need to make it so).
But in this world of participation trophies, people need to seriously realize, SOMETIMES YOU LOSE. And that's really is, the world will not end ~ you lost, it sucks. I know and love SEVERAL people that voted differently than me, that's ok. Does that make me love them less? Absolutely not. Does it make me want to say mean and hateful things to them? Absolutely not! Does it make me want to wish them ANY ill will? NO. Good God, what is wrong with us? How can we be on a soap box against hate speech, against assholes ~ but then behave EXACTLY like that? WE CAN'T!
Does it make me think that we obviously see things VERY differently and have VERY different priorities when we enter that "booth"? Um......YEAH. Life in general would be pretty boring if we all agreed on everything (you've seen the Stepford Wives right?). It's pretty simple though, we as a nation need to calm down, take a time out and self reflect right now. Stop blaming everyone else for our own problems. Be accountable for our actions, before we try to hold someone else accountable for theirs. If you want people to stop being ASSHOLES, then start with yourself!

"And so we shall have to do more than register and more than vote; we shall have to create leaders who embody virtues we can respect, who have moral and ethical principles we can applaud with enthusiasm." - Martin Luther King, JR.

When towards the end of the campaigning, people were SO worried that Trump wouldn't concede graciously and then what happens? Oh yeah, HE people protest? Exactly WHY? What are they hoping to accomplish? Besides looking like the assholes they so adamantly were against. The reason we vote, is because we all have different opinions and we are allowed that. Is the system flawed, sure. Do we use an outdated, archaic system to count votes, yes. People from both sides have said that for years! My hope with this outcome is that we will see changes being made to our government and to our voting system. I really do.
The things I have seen since the election have been concerning. I am a liberal....I am a democrat, but I am not in the street protesting, I am not throwing a fit, I am not spreading more hate. We need to STOP with the us vs. them mentality, stop all the HATE....we just have to. Not all Liberals want free everything for everyone, or to take all your guns away. Just like not all conservatives hate minorities (yes, I mean every non white, non straight, non disabled group). And I am guessing that people on either side do not like being lumped in with the radical few.
At the same time, while it may now seem like an uphill battle, or like we have taken quite a few steps backward (to some of us).....I will NOT stop believing in human decency, I will NOT stop believing in and fighting for human rights for ALL people. It does absolutely make me sad that Human Rights and decency towards others is not EVERYONE's priority, but we as a nation have created this. We have stood back and allowed people to point fingers, place blame, spread hate for years and years and years. And while many will say they do not believe in or condone that behavior, I have learned that "looking the other way" sends the same message as "approval", and that is the only part of this election outcome that makes me truly sad.
But, like I said....we ALL have different priorities, and we are allowed that. Mine will just always be rights for all people, and human decency. When we find a candidate that can run on that platform he/she will be a shoo in! (Oh wait, we had that guy in the primaries)!

"It was we, the people; not we, the white male citizens; nor yet we, the male citizens; but we, the whole people, who formed the Union." ~ Susan B. Anthony

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